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Help Ukraine by donating free medicine packs

by Era Inventions


Ukraine is the most affected country in terms of medicine shortages. Over the past few years, it has been facing a critical situation in terms of availability and distribution of medicines. Many people are dying because they cannot afford to buy antibiotics, pain killers or other life-saving drugs at affordable prices.

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Medicine packs

Medicine packs are a great way to help Ukraine. They are collected from the front lines, and they can be used by hospitals and clinics in need of medicine. The packs also include basic supplies like gauze pads, bandages and antibiotics.

In addition to helping people on the ground in Ukraine, medicine packs can also be given directly to individuals who need them most: those who have been injured during conflict or natural disaster events like floods or earthquakes (which happen often).

Why many of them are in Ukraine

The packs are from war trophies. The Ukrainian government has been collecting these packs for years, and they’re now in storage at their headquarters in Kiev. They were discovered during the conflict with Russia in 2014 when Ukraine started to fight back against Russian aggression by collecting any objects that could be used as weapons or ammunition—including metal boxes containing medicine and medical equipment like bandages and syringes.

For example here it’s token made from burned armor of KA52 Russian combat helicopter .

The another one
This token made from downed Russian Tank T90

Why they are still not open

While the Ukrainian government has made great strides in helping to create a sustainable healthcare system, there are still many who do not have access to proper medical care. By donating medicine packs, you can help people get better and live longer lives.

We need your help! We need more than just money; we need time, space and equipment to open these clinics. The World Health Organization estimates that over 1 million children under 5 die every year from preventable causes such as diarrhea or pneumonia due to lack of clean water sources or basic sanitation facilities within their homes (1). These deaths could easily be prevented if all mothers had access to safe drinking water for their babies at home or at least outside during breastfeeding times (2).

Many of the packs are close to their expiration date, please help us to save lives.

The packs are in Ukraine because they are war trophies. They were taken from the battlefields of Donbass and brought to the country for safekeeping by Ukrainian forces. The packs have been safely stored at a military base since then, but now that Russia has invaded Ukraine, some of them may be moved again if necessary.

The expiration date on each pack is either April 2019 or June 2020—the same date as when they were first opened five years ago! Most of these medicines were donated by people around the world who wanted to donate something that could save lives through combatting disease and injury during conflict situations like this one (or any other).


We are collecting medicine packs near the border with Russia. We want to help those who need it, and we want to do it as quickly as possible. The problem is that these packages have expired or not been opened yet, and so many of them will be unusable.

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