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How to delete Google Reviews the right way

by Era Inventions

Online reviews can hurt or help your business. Learn how to remove Google reviews, respond to detractors, and clean up your digital reputation.

One month the business is doing great and the next month you are doing well. What happened?

Is it a problem with your product or service? Maybe another competitor is holding a sale?

Sure, these could be the culprits. While this may have something to do with what happened in your business, it’s really about what happened online afterward.

Someone wrote a negative review.

If you’re not aware, a negative review can be devastating to your business.

Roughly 72% of consumers won’t visit or buy from a business until they read online reviews about it. And another 64% prefer to read at least six reviews before making a purchase.

In other words, you need to have online reviews of your business, and there are plenty of them.

But what happens if you have a negative review on Google? That’s big, especially since more than half (57%) of all reviewers have Google accounts.

Since most people use Google to find a local business, you can expect to see these negative reviews. Once they are, it will adversely affect your business.

Resolve the issue by winning over the customer :

You can try to contact the customer who wrote the negative review, and if something is not accurate, you can politely ask them to remove the review, because only the user has the authority to edit or delete a review from Google Come cancellare una recensione su google. Not only that, but when talking to the customer, politely explain the mistakes if they are in the reviews. In fact, there are some best practices you can follow when responding to online reviews to earn your customers’ trust by letting them know that you value their feedback and are willing to do whatever it takes to make their experience better in the future. improved. , in the eyes of potential customers, your reassuring response to a negative review will also create a positive impression that you care about listening to guests.

Sincerely following up with customers to resolve your issues is sure to culminate in something positive. You can also send them an apologetic email, invite them back to your address, or let them know about issues you’ve resolved at their request. Once you’ve successfully acquired your customers, you can ask them to edit or delete a review for you.

Legal Advice :

f marking a review and contacting the platform doesn’t work, you can always count on legal support to do the needful. You have the option to fill out a Google form for a legal removal request. However, be aware that the requirements for this are a bit on the higher side. But with the right legal advice, you can definitely expect to be headed in the right direction.

More Effective Way :

Besides contacting Google, there is one other solution: drown the fish. In fact, to minimize the consequences of a negative review, it is recommended to surround it with a lot of positive ones. These will change the data and increase your star average to get to the top of Google search results. To do this, you will use an active method of reaching out to customers to encourage the stellar reviews that are so valuable to the future of your business.

Remember that removing a negative Google review is not easy. However, there are other ways to solve the problem and improve your placement at the same time. We encourage you to use a solution like ours Come cancellare una recensione su google which, in addition to improving the customer experience, automatically collects Google reviews from your satisfied customers.

Conclusion :

Now that you understand how to remove Google reviews, it’s time to manage your reputation. However, keeping a close eye on your Google reviews and responding to them quickly may seem like a hassle. But it doesn’t have to be. But it’s not just a reactive solution. You can also use it to boost your business’ reputation. It allows you to send review requests to multiple new customers in one click. Building more positive reviews can also diminish the effect of negative reviews. 

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