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Leveraging social media: how Twitter stats could be the ladder to your business success

by Era Inventions

In this digital era, most successful businesses have learned the importance of social media marketing. One of the most powerful social media platforms is Twitter, which allows a community of users to interact publicly.

Understanding how Twitter works

Twitter is an online web-based application that you can access from any computing device, whether it is a phone, computer, or tablet. You can either download the application or access their official website from any browser.

It allows you to post, see other people’s posts and comments, and even direct message them. Any post shared over Twitter is called a tweet. To get started, you create a free account which you have to use a password for logging in later.

Twitter for business

You’re probably acquainted with Twitter at the very least, but have you ever wondered what the difference between Twitter and Twitter for business is? Do you ask yourself what “Twitter insights” mean?

Twitter for business which shows you insights on your profile activity. This feature could help you evaluate how well your business is doing and measure its growth. You can view Twitter stats for each tweet, as well as a monthly summary.

What sums up Twitter Statistics?

Now that you know about Twitter statistics, let’s get into the basic concepts:

Profile visits

Twitter statistics keep a record of how often people check out your profile. It is automatically updated daily and a summary every 28 days.

Follower growth

Twitter shows you how your following changes over 30 days. New followers are updated daily. Evaluating this could help compare the tweets you made on the days our following dropped against when you gained the most followers.

Top tweets

Twitter stats shows you which of your posts have performed best each month. Analyze what they have in common, like what topic they were about, what day and time you posted, or the writing tone and format.

Tweet engagement rate

Engagement rate refers to the total number of times that people have interacted with your tweet by liking, commenting, and retweeting.

Conversation tracking

If you make Twitter ads, Twitter tracks what users do when they click on your ad. If they purchase your ad even from a different device, Twitter will trace the transaction back to your ad and help you tell whether you’re getting a return on investment from your advertising.

Video content performance

If videos are part of your content, you can view how many views they get, the engagement rates, and even the duration that people watched them for, and if they watch them to the end.


Twitter stats shows you a record of all the times people have mentioned you in their tweets. It also includes a direct link to the post where they have mentioned you. They also show your top mention and its engagement rate.

How to capitalize on Twitter insights

Now that you’ve learned about Twitter stats, there are a few tips on how to bring in traffic to your Twitter convert it to sales.

  • Keep yourself up-to-date with trending topics, and engage in them.
  • Use trending hashtags and clever keywords that capture people’s attention.
  • Be creative with how you relay your messages and use attractive formats like emoji.
  • Plan your posts based on what time people are most active and how your overall feed will look.
  • You could run a followers campaign to gain new followers.
  • Always reply to messages and comments, and retweet as much as possible.

With a proper marketing strategy and an active engagement with your clients, you’ll create brand loyalty and reach a vast audience, which converts to more profits.

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