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How to Restart Your Roku TV in 3 Simple Steps

by Era Inventions

Have you been experiencing strange issues with your Roku TV? If not, then you’re in luck! But if something feels off or isn’t working as expected, it might be time for a restart.

The good news is that restarting a Roku TV is simple and won’t take more than a few minutes. Here’s how to do it:

Unplug the Power Cable

The easiest way to restart your Roku TV is to unplug the power cable from the back of the unit. Once disconnected, wait at least 10 seconds before reconnecting the power cable.

This will temporarily shut down your Roku TV and any streaming services running on it. It should also fix minor software glitches and rebalance any connection issues.

Access the System Restart Option

Some Roku TVs also include an easy system restart option right inside their setting’s menus. To access this option, open up your main settings menu by pressing the Home button on your remote, followed by selecting Settings within the toolbar along the left side.

Once in Settings mode, choose System and select System Restart from there. This will start an automatic reboot process that should take no more than 2 minutes to complete.

Perform a Factory Reset

If all else fails and you still can’t seem to get your Roku TV back up and running correctly, it might be time for a factory reset — otherwise known as a system reset or hard reset.

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A factory reset deletes all data stored on your device, including logins for streaming services like Netflix or Hulu Plus (you’ll need to reenter all of these once the device restarts). It’s also useful if you want to give away or sell your television since this erases all of the content stored in its internal memory.

To perform a factory reset, open up those same Settings menus we accessed earlier and head into System>Advanced System Settings>Factory Reset>Factory Reset Everything Feature On>. You’ll have one last chance to cancel out of this process before everything gets erased — so make sure that’s what you want before going through with it!

That does it! With one of these 3 methods — unplugging & reconnecting the power cable; using the System Restart feature; or performing a full-on factory reset — you should be able to get those hiccups ironed out and enjoy smooth viewing once again with your Roku TV.

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