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How can I deposit to play online bingo games?

by Era Inventions

You’ll need to deposit some money before you can play any online bingo games. Wondering how to go about that? It is pretty easy and this piece is aimed at putting you through the process. 

When you sign in to your account on the site, click on the ‘Deposit’ link on the page. Then, choose a method of payment. You’ll have to add a new method of payment if you haven’t made any deposits before – also check out casino free spin no deposit bonuses. After you must have filled in your details and the desired amount, click the ‘Deposit’ button. And you’re good to go! 

Payment methods available for online bingo games

There’s a wide range of payment methods available for many online bingo sites. They include debit cards, prepaid vouchers, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency payments among others. The deal lies in finding one that suits you and sticking with it. Let’s look at them individually. 

Debit cards

Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro are the most popular types of cards used on Bingo sites. They’re also one of the easiest methods to deposit your money. But you must use only cards that bear your name as the holder. Cards which do not bear your name are usually rejected by the sites to protect players. 

Prepaid vouchers

The prepaid voucher payment system is generally accepted by most bingo sites as a payment method. A major advantage of this payment method is that no form of payment card or bank account is needed. Do you have cash? Then, you can use them to make deposits on online bingo sites. 


E-wallets are not much different from prepaid vouchers. The major difference between them is that E-wallets make and accept payments, while prepaid vouchers can only make payments. This means that if you deposit with an e-wallet and win, proceeds can be sent back to the e-wallet. E-wallets are widely recognized and accepted by most bingo sites. Some very popular e-wallets you can use are PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, MuchBetter, and Apple Pay. 

Cryptocurrency payments

It is predicted that cryptocurrencies are the future of online payments. With a lot of them out in the market, Bitcoin is the most popular with mining guide osrs. Although there are moves to normalize making deposits and payments on bingo sites using cryptocurrencies, nothing is assured yet. All talks are still about the future. 

Billing via mobile phone

This payment method works by allowing the deduction of deposits from PAYG credit. Alternatively, the deposits are added to the player’s next phone bills. The beauty of this method of payment is that any phone number can be added for billing. This means that you can add even the phone number that’s not used for playing. Although this is not accepted by all online bingo sites, most bingo sites do. With this method of payment, no bank account is needed. Your security is also guaranteed because no information other than your phone number is required. 

Other methods of payment include Western Union, direct bank transfers, and other direct transfer methods. These methods are used by players to keep their information on online bingo sites at the barest minimum.

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