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Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Call Center Services

by Era Inventions

Outsourcing of a call center is when a business contracts out the service of a call center or contact center. Call Center manages all sorts of queries and customer service issues ranging from product warranty issues to banking issues. Businesses use call center outsourcing services through a variety of options like demanding an in-house team, through a separate facility, etc. It was the early 90s when businesses started using call center outsourcing services as it helped them save costs by contracting out their call centers to the area where the cost of living was lower.

Countries like Canada, Irelan, the Philippines, and India have the most popular call center outsourcing services. The workforce here is fluent in English and requires fewer salaries.

Let us now discuss the Pros and Cons of call center outsourcing services one by one.


1.     Improved Customer Service

The conventional communications infrastructure becomes frayed, undependable, and obsolete with time. Its maintenance and replacement can prove a costly affair for businesses. Call center outsourcing services make use of the latest technologies and increase your competitiveness in the market. It also enables you to better focus on improving quality and innovating your products and services.

2.     Receptiveness

Businesses often do not operate during holidays and festivals. These holidays can sometimes last for weeks. An outsourced call center will always work round the clock throughout the year to address all the queries of your customer on behalf of you even if you are not operating due to holidays or festivals.

3.     Access to Global Markets

When businesses operate in global markets, they need to have their call centers in regional languages. The workforce must be capable enough to have adequate knowledge of the regional languages and traditions. Call center outsourcing services manage these requirements accordingly as per the requirements of the businesses as they offer their service across various regions.


Outsourcing call center releases the control from the business which is why they do prefer outsourcing their customer service. Customer Service is critical for several businesses and call center acts as a medium to engage with their customers and they need their customer service to be best in class. Businesses who promise to have innovative customer service face the below-mentioned drawbacks of call center outsourcing services:

1.     Lack of Knowledge

Since most of the call center is located far away from where the businesses are located. They do not have adequate and in-depth knowledge of the services and products of the business. This leads to a reduction in their self-confidence and resolving capacity for solving customer issues.

2.     Cultural Divide

Call Center employees who are located in different countries are not familiars with the culture and speech accent of the people where the businesses actually operate. They also lack proper knowledge about regional references. This makes the customer lack trust in their knowledge and proficiency to solve problems.


Call center outsourcing services come with their own set of pros and cons but they are overall very important for cost-saving and growth for a business.

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