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Chintan k Patel, Claiming Complete Control Over His Mind!

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You can always claim that nature has left some great Easter eggs of beauty throughout the world. However, it is often that we forget that human beings have achieved some pretty beautiful things in the world. When these elements are combined with nature, the entire scenario becomes inexplicable in terms of beauty and peace. Is it not one of the most beautiful sites when the lights of the skyscrapers fall on the water bodies and reflect light from the starry surface? You have to admit that this indeed sounds beautiful. Capturing one of these moments, Chintan k Patel has shared an image on his social media handle with the same story in the background.

Passing through the beauty of Chicago River

Perched on a yacht on the Chicago River, Chintan k Patel has got an amazing image on his Instagram handle. The image perfectly reflects the lights from the sky scrapers which are on the side of the river. The bright light of the buildings at night has added another dimension to the image. He is amidst this beauty with a red hoodie, black pants and neon shoes. Each flicker of light seems to be emanating from the water body. The true beauty of the city with millions of lights can be experienced only when the sun goes down.

The power of Human Minds

The coordination of nature and human mind is something which can be assessed at every moment. As the light of the tall buildings fall on the Chicago River, Chintan Patel asks us to think about whether this beautiful scenario would ever have been created in the absence of any of the elements? The caption for this image has a deeper meaning as well. Human beings are often the masters of their own destiny. Whenever life throws lemons at humankind, they learn how to make lemonade out of it. 

The superiority of human beings over other animals is also related to the fact that human beings can control their minds and actions. Unless you have a proper hold over the thoughts that you possess, you can never be successful in your life. Chintan k Patel seems to stress on this point as he posts the perfect image with a thought provoking caption.

Becoming a slave to one’s feelings

Often human beings become a slave to their inferior feelings and let their opinion on everything colour their rational thoughts. A common characteristic which is seen in the great leaders of the world is that they are able to control the thoughts in their minds. As a result, they have a distinctive amount of control over their actions as well. Chintan k Patel has strived to reach this standard of control over these thoughts and thus has the liberty to inspire others about this.

Chintan inspiring others to follow his suit

Human beings have strange minds. They have been able to master different aspects of the world with the sheer power of their brain. Chintan k Patel is the part of the generation which had defied everything to gain complete control over their thoughts. He is among those who have learned how to master their thinking into something great which can be used by others as inspiration as well! 

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