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How to Deal with Summer in the South

by Era Inventions

Oh, the American South and summertime. The summers down there are legendary, epic even. People who have lived there probably still have nightmares. It isn’t so much that the temperatures are the highest you’ve ever seen. Certainly 95 degrees is hot, but plenty of other places around the country have seen worse.

No, down South, it’s the humidity that gets you. It by itself is a formidable power, capable of causing real issues for people with sensitivity to that sort of thing.

So, before you go looking at that Knoxville real estate, here are some tips for dealing with summertime in the South.

Prepare for Mosquitoes

Down South, the mosquitoes are fairly monstrous and unpleasant. That’s just being real. They’re much larger than those you’ll find up north, and so you’ll definitely need a plan to avoid them or fight them off.

The heat and humidity brings them out, and of course all they want is to land on your sweaty body and start sucking the blood out. So you’ll need a good supply of bug spray to keep them off of you, and if you’re having some kind of outdoor activity, maybe get yourself some of those mosquito torches to ward them all away.

Air Conditioners Are Essential

Look, there’s only so much heat and humidity one can take. For your home, if you don’t have central air conditioning already, you’ll need yourself a good window unit.

You just need those respites where your AC can remove all the humidity from the air and let you breathe easily. There’s probably no better feeling than being cool right after a shower and stepping into an already chilled room.

So invest in an AC to beat the heat down there.

Stay Hydrated

Sweat is what our body does to cool us off, as you probably know. The problem is that the body sacrifices water to do that, and as it turns out, we need that water to live!

So, when it’s as hot and humid as it gets during a Southern summer, it’s vital to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout the day. That’s just good general advice for any summer.

We don’t want you keeling over at high noon because you just can’t take the heat anymore. Carry water with you everywhere, and you should do just fine.

That’s what we have regarding surviving your summer in the South. We can’t say it’ll be easy, but we certainly have faith that you can do it!

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